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If Today is Your Birthday…

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If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences. – W.I. Thomas

Last week I celebrated a birthday, another year on the right side of the dirt. I also indulged in a silly tradition of long standing: I looked up my If Today is Your Birthday horoscope for the year. I love great fortune cookie wisdom and finding heads-up pennies. I’m always promising my rational left brain that it’s only idealism rather than superstition, but it’s still fun.

And it brings up the intriguing question of self-fulfilling prophecy; to what extent does a prediction, whether from a horoscope, a fortune cookie, or your own mind, come true because you believe/wish/hope it will?

I love to think that I’m “creative, and any artistic or musical talent is more prominent this year.” And who’s to say that I won’t be more artistic simply because this thought was put in my head? (Note the new blog). And when I’m planning vacation days next spring, will the words “adventuresome travel may be in the offing” lure me to Bali instead of Baltimore?

In the end, I believe we are more self-created than we admit; the lovely uniqueness between each of us is more the result of all the things we believe to be true about ourselves than the circumstances life delivers. So the question becomes: what would you like to be that you are not? If you could write your own horoscope and have it come true, what would it say?

My favorite prediction: “A positive and optimistic outlook serves you well this year.”

Do you have a lucky number, or a fortune taped to your bathroom mirror? What does it say?


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