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Good Stuff I Haven’t Told You About

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Life is good. Really, really, really good. We’ve settled in Austin, have great new neighbors, each landed some new clients, and are happily exploring a new fantastic place.

And I haven’t told you about it at all, have I? Sorry about that. Sometimes I’m just too busy enjoying life to describe it. Some of the best stuff:

  • Finding out my closest friend from when I last lived in Austin, Jess, lives 5 houses down from us
  • Riding our bikes to Alamo Drafthouse¬†(Tron and Bridesmaids were both awesome)
  • Fresh-roasted coffee and a rainbow of veggies at the HOPE Farmers Market
  • Winning pub trivia as 1/4 of team Magic Casebeer (our real last names, no joke)
  • Being married half a year (!)
  • Hosting a rocking housewarming/ Cinco de Mustache party on our rooftop deck
  • Having one of our younger party guests, (age 4) bring me a pink crown to wear
  • Enjoying the Austin sunshine and getting a tan line where my wedding bands go
  • Finally having a washer and dryer in my house¬†that doesn’t need quarters
  • Woohoo! Dishwasher (enough said!)
  • Yay, microwave (who knew appliances could make me so happy??)
  • Lots of my very favorite yoga class at Sunstone Yoga (yay, Water class!)
  • A visit to my alma mater, Texas A&M to see my cousin Erin become a vet

And lots more! That I’ll probably get around to telling you in another month, at the rate I’ve been blogging… Promise to be back here more often!

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